120 villages in flood risk are in Almaty oblast

13 февраля 2013, 20:35
The potential flood area covers over 120 villages of Almaty oblast with over 40 thousand people in Kazakhstan's south, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Almaty oblast Emergency Situations Department.

“A survey to identify the areas of potential flooding of villages, facilities and territories has identified 145 flood-prone areas, including: 91 around river basins, 25 around water reservoirs and 29 withing the reach of snowmelt runoffs (the total area of 8,647 square kilometers). The potential flood area covers 122 villages with 40.5 thousand people and 7,127 facilities,” the Department stated on February 12.

According to the department, there are already first cases of snowmelt flood threat to private houses. Snowmelt water gathered around several houses and public facilities after heavy snows and intensive melting in Mussabek and Maulenbai villages on January 28. “The snow cover is currently 1.5-2 times higher than the standard level at the whole territory of Almaty oblast. Besides, according to KazHydroMet (national weather service) the precipitations level above the average annual standard and the temperature increase to 11 degrees Centigrade above zero are expected at the territory of Zhetyssu in February,” the Department stated.

In this relation the Department is working jointly with the oblast's services, regional and city administrations to ensure an incident-free spring snowmelt and prevent emergency situations. According to the authority, 2.2 billion tenge ($14.7 million) were allocated from the oblast budget to repair water facilities and irrigation and drainage systems and perform dredging and bank protection works; 16.5 kilometers of protection dams have been built, 26.3 kilometers of flood-prone river beds have been cleaned up and dredged, 17.5 kilometers of channels have been organized and dredged. Repair and restoration works have been performed at 14 water facilities, including at Aschibulak and Almatinskoye water reservoirs in Ili region.

According to the Emergency Situations Department, repairs were performed at Tentek, Berkhne-Aksu, Nizhne-Aksu, Tyshkan water facilities, Karatal and Koksu dams, Almaly, Aschibulak and Akeshkinsk water reservoirs at the state budget’s cost in 2012. 814 million tenge ($5.4 million) were additionally allocated from the state budget for reconstruction of Bortoga water reservoir: repair works worth 252 million tenge ($1.7 million) were performed in 2011 and works worth 513 million tenge ($3.4 million) were made in 2012. Around 955.2 million tenge ($6.4 million) were allocated from the oblast budget for anti-flooding measures.

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