-43 degrees centigrade frost hits Kazakhstan

31 января 2012, 15:37
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Frosts with freezing temperatures minus 43 degrees centigrade are expected in Kazakhstan during these three days. A cold spell is expected to cover the northern, eastern and central parts of the country, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Manzura Nassyrova, head of Long-Term Forecasts Department of Kazgidromet national weather service.

“The cyclone carrying cold air from Arctic regions has covered most of Russia and the northern areas of Kazakhstan," Nassyrova said on January 30. "The peak of the cold spell is expected in the next three days according to preliminary weather forecasts."

"Air temperature will fall to minus 43 degrees centigrade in the northern, central and eastern parts of Kazakhstan. Day temperature in the area will be at minus 30 degrees. In western and southern parts of the country night air temperature will be at minus 30 and day temperature at minus 15 degrees," she said.

The temperature of minus 35-38 degrees centigrade is expected in Astana these three nights. Minus 27-29 is the daytime air temperature forecast for Astana. Snowfall is not expected these days in Astana.

“A mixture of sun and clouds is expected in Almaty. Light snow is possible there. Night air temperature will fall to minus 9-13 degrees and during the day temperature will raise to minus 4-7 degrees centigrade,” the Long-Term Forecasts Department of Kazgidromet national weather service official said.

According to the weather forecasters, the frost will weaken and the air temperature will raise 5-10 degrees in Kazakhstan by the end of the week.

But the second cold spell is expected soon after that. “A cold cyclone will cover the western part of the country on February 4-5 and the Northern part on February 8-9,” the Kazgidromet official said.

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