Salaries of Kazakhstan residents are not enough to prepare kids for school

06 сентября 2011, 17:53
Buyers choosing stationery for a new school year. ©RIA Novosti
Buyers choosing stationery for a new school year. ©RIA Novosti
Around 23 percent of Kazakhstan residents spent 100 percent of their month salaries to prepare their children to school and had to look for additional sources of money, reports citing

Meanwhile, almost the same number of respondents said that they spent less than a half of their monthly wage on preparation for the new school year. 14 percent of residents noted that they had to spend 80 percent of the earned money; another 12 percent of parents spent half of their monthly budget. Around 8 percent of respondents spent almost all available money leaving just a small part to live till the next salary.

According to the poll, young families spent from 28 to 100 thousand tenge (from $192 to $685) on school uniform and other necessary school stuff for children.

The same poll was held in other CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. The most popular answer in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine was “over 100 percent of the salary.” 44.09 percent of Ukrainian, 41.46 percent of Belarus and 31.3 percent of Russian parents had to look for additional funds to prepare children for school. 26.67 percent of respondents in Azerbaijan had to tap their reserve money.

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