Bolashak Scholarship to be available for postgraduate students only

22 апреля 2011, 14:59
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From the start of next academic year, Bolashak scholarship will be only granted to students working on their Master's or PhD degrees, KazTAG agency reports.

According to Education Minister Bakhytzhan Zhumagulov, pursuant to the instructions of President Nazarbayev, Bolashak Scholarship Program has undergone drastic changes.

“I am absolutely sure that we are moving in the right directions (…) Bachelor’s degree programs can be taught in Kazakhstan… scholarships to cover tuition fees at foreign universities will be only available to those working on their Master’s degrees or PhD”, Minister Zhumagulov said.

The programme "Bolashak" ("Bolashak" means "The Future" in Kazakh) was established by a Decree of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev in November of 1993.

The programme seeks to provide an opportunity for the most talented students from Kazakhstan to gain higher education at the best universities overseas.

The bursaries depend on the host country and the university’s status and cover all education-related expenses.
Upon completion of their programmes, scholarship recipients return to Kazakhstan to work in different Kazakh companies, governmental structures and international organisations for a period of five years.

From 1994 to 2010, 7611 students have successfully completed their studies at the most prestigious universities of the world in 33 countries under the Bolashak Scholarsip Programme.

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