Philippine capital shuts down amid floods

19 августа 2013, 14:11
Heavy rain in the Philippine capital of Manila forced all schools, government offices and the stock exchange to close on Monday, as waist-deep water flooded parts of the city, AFP reports.

Rains from Tropical Storm Trami fell across the city of nearly more than 12 million people throughout the night and continued on Monday morning.

Schools in provinces outside of Manila were also closed, a government statement said, as the heavy rain pounded a large area of the main island of Luzon.

The statement said all government offices in Manila were also closed, while the Philippine Stock Exchange announced it would not open.

Waist-deep water in some parts of Manila made roads and highways unpassable.

Some commuters on public transport were left stranded, and had to wade waist-deep through muddy, trash-filled water.

There were no reports of fatalities.

In the mountainous north of Luzon, 200 people were evacuated from their homes to avoid landslides, according to the government's disaster agency.

Heavy rain is forecast to fall across Manila and Luzon throughout Monday.

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