Information about Kazakh oilman missing in Mexican Gulf not confirmed

16 сентября 2011, 12:03
Storm in the Mexican Gulf. ©REUTERS/STRINGER Mexico
Storm in the Mexican Gulf. ©REUTERS/STRINGER Mexico
Information about Kazakh oilman missing after Tropical Storm Nate in the Mexican Gulf was not confirmed, reports citing official representative of Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry Askar Abdrakhmanov.

“Our consul in the U.S. talked to the company that owns Geo Kinetics platform and to Mexican diplomats. They said that the information about a Kazakh worker was a mistake,” Abdrakhmanov said.

Earlier English reported that Kazakhstan Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave an instruction to Kazakhstan Embassy in the U.S. to request information about Kazakhstan oilman missing in the Mexican Gulf. September 8 ten oilmen were evacuated from Triniti II platform because of Tropical Storm Nate. September 11 seven of them were found alive around 80 km from the Mexican shore.

By Galima Gabdullina

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