Disaster preparedness kits to be sold in Almaty

07 мая 2011, 14:11
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Almaty entrepreneurs will start selling first aid backpacks which may save lives in case of a strong earthquake, Express K reports.

As per the pharmacist from Astana Kairat Bekturganov, disaster preparedness kits have to be in every house located in potentially dangerous areas.

A rescue kit includes a backpack made of strong canvas material with medications, food stock for three days and photocopies of the owner's documents.

The kit's medications should include water purification pills, antibiotics, bandaging materials. The backpack will also have a raincoat, axe, hummer, flashlight and matches.

The weight of one of the samples exceeds 40 kg. A fully equipped disaster preparedness kit will cost 12 thousand tenge ($82).

On March 16 deputy head of Almaty Emergency Situations Department Yuriy Ilyin advised that every Almaty citizen has a disaster preparedness kit with a stock of medications and food for three days.

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