5.7-magnitude earthquake struck 148 km from Almaty

31 мая 2012, 11:23
Map courtesy of emsc-csem.org
Map courtesy of emsc-csem.org
5.7-magnitute earthquake has been registered 148 km east of Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports citing U.S. Geological Service.

The shocks were felt at 03:20 a.m. (Astana time) on May 31. The epicenter was located at the depth of 25 km and 186 km south of Taldykorgan and 54 km north-west of Kegen village.

According to Kazakhstan Center for Collection and Processing of Special Seismic Information, the earthquake was felt like a 4-magnitude one in Almaty.

Earlier the forecast commission of the Seismology Institute, Seismic Testing-Methodic Expedition of Kazakhstan Education and Science Ministry and scientific-production complex Prognoz of Kazakhstan Emergency Situations Ministry made a seismic forecast for the period from May 31 to June 6. According to the forecast, the earthquakes of more than 7 in magnitude are not expected in Almaty area.

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