Woman threatens to blow herself up in Dubai govt building

02 сентября 2013, 16:51
An Uzbek woman threatened to blow herself up on Sunday at the Dubai public prosecutor's office over a dispute with a man she claims is her son's father, AFP reports citing police.

In the first such incident to take place in the Gulf emirate, home to tens of thousands of expats, authorities evacuated the building and held several hours of negotiations with the woman for a "peaceful" solution, they said.

The woman "broke into the public prosecutor's offices this morning (Sunday) with her child and threatened to blow herself up if her demands were not met by ending a personal dispute with a man she is trying to prove is her son's legal father," it added.

"The building and its surroundings were immediately evacuated and security measures were taken to safeguard the area," police said in a statement.

Preliminary investigation has shown that the woman "used this extreme method to attract attention and gain sympathy" for her case, said the emailed statement.

Steps were being taken to "preserve the lives of the woman and her child and avoid any uncalled-for reactions," it said, later adding that negotiations were continuing.

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