Vatican's ex-ambassador to Kazakhstan stores thousands of child porn photos and videos

29 сентября 2014, 20:44
Josef Wesolowski ©
Josef Wesolowski ©

Former Vatican ambassador to Kazakhstan Jozef Wesolowski has kept over a hundred thousand child porn videos and photos on his computers, Tengrinews reports citing International Business Times.

The horrifying files have been found in the office of the diplomatic mission of the Holy See in the Dominican Republic.

The 66-year old archbishop reportedly stored more than a 100 thousand pornographic files. Around 86 thousand pictures were found on his computer. 45 thousand sexually-explicit photographs were found deleted on another PC. In addition, Wesolowski had 160 child pornographic videos, in which boys were forced to perform sexual acts on adults and each other.

Vatican detectives examined the PC that the former archbishop used while serving in Santo Domingo from 2008 to 2012. What they found is indeed heinous but that is not all Wesolowski is accused of. 

Wesolowski is also charged with sexually abusing minors.

He became a suspect of sexually abusing children after accusations of the Dominican press appeared in 2013. He was then recalled to Rome.

At present, the man is under house arrest but if he is found guilty, he may be put behind bars for up to seven years. 

The court hearings are expected in January. Currently the investigators are trying to find his accomplices.

The man served as ambassador to Kazakhstan for six years, from 2002 to 2008, right before he assumed his office in the Dominican Republic.

By Dinara Urazova

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