Updates on British corruption of minors in Kazakhstan's Uralsk

20 января 2014, 18:26
The hotel where the British national was arrested. Photo ©mgorod.kz
The hotel where the British national was arrested. Photo ©mgorod.kz
Indecent photos of children have been found in the notebook of the the British citizen arrested in Kazakhstan for corruption of minors, Tengrinews reports citing the press office of the Department of the Interior (DIA) of West Kazakhstan Oblast.

The DIA has provided an update on the case over corruption of minors in Uralsk.

The British suspect is 38 year old, not 37 as was reported earlier.

When he saw the police approaching his hotel from a window he tried to destroy all the evidences of his crime. He first put his computer, memory sticks, hard drives and video camera into the water, then put them into the microwave and turning it on hoping to erase all the data. However, the spy-movie trick did not work for him, and Kazakhstan police experts were able to recover his files.

“Pornographic materials showing young girls, some of them were underage girls from public schools in Uralsk and Atyrau, in the suspect's hotel rooms were found in his computer, ” the DIA press office reported.

Kazakhstan police started investigating the British national after the mother of one of the girls from Uralsk applied to the police in January 14, 2014. She became worried after she read several text messages in her daughter's cellphone: her 6-grade (12 y.o.) daughter was discussing sex in those text messages.

The police responded immediately and checked the reported British citizen who arrived to Uralsk on January 4 from Atyrau. He is an employee of an oil company.

The police opened a criminal case over Production and distribution of child pornography, or engaging minors in pornographic events, an articles of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan.

The police is planning to make some test and question the girls from the indecent photos. The from of pre-trial restrictions (arrest or bail) is yet to be determined.

The British Council in Kazakhstan and ZhaikMunai company that employs the British national both confirmed that they were aware of the horrible incident being investigated.

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