Tanker explosion trial starts in Mangistau Oblast

20 февраля 2014, 21:28
Photo  ©tengrinewstv
Photo ©tengrinewstv
A trial of the petrol truck driver involved in the massive flaring of a petrol train has started In Mangistau Oblast, Tengrinews reports citing the press secretary of the Mangistau Oblast Court Almaz Kuanbay.

On November 16, an Emiroil petrol tank truck collided with a train of petrol tanks at Tamak-Mangyshlak run. The combustive liquid flared when the vehicles collided. The assistant of the train driver died on the spot. The train driver Berik Kulbarakov was hospitalized with major burns and later transferred to the Astana Burn Center for treatment. The fire was so massive that could not be quenched and the firemen had to wait for most of the petrol to burn, making sure that the fire doesn't spill any further. 8 train tanks of fuel burned.

The petrol truck driver gave his account of the accident.

The petrol tanker driver is accused of Traffic related violation and exploitation of transport that led to death of a human. In case the driver is found guilty by the court, he will be sentenced to 5 to 10 years of imprisonment and a suspension of driving for 3 years.

The defendant could not show up at the court due to health problems. The hearing has been rescheduled to February 26.

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