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Narcosis could have made Chelakh commit murders: Russian psychologists

19 июня 2012, 12:57
Snapshot of the video of Vladislav Chelakh's interrogation
Snapshot of the video of Vladislav Chelakh's interrogation
Russian psychologists suggest that narcosis could have made the border guard Vladislav Chelakh commit the murders at Arkankergen border post. He underwent a narcosis a week before the accident, Life News writes.

Chelakh had an appendicitis surgery before going to the mountains. The soldier told his family that he was sent for an easy job at Arkankergen post thanks to that surgery. "Cerebrospinal anesthesia has a big effect on the nerves. A person feels like after a concussion. It can cause an unexpected psychic excitement," psychiatrist Andrey Babin said.

Besides, the expert believes that Chelakh, accused of killing 15 people, made a false testimony. In the video published by Kazakhstan General Prosecutor's office, Chelakh tells about the incident step by step. However, according to the psychologists, a person acting in the heat of passion can remember only patches and fragments. "A soldier who was mentally impaired when committing a crime cannot remember the whole picture of the accident so clearly. While Chelakh tells the story by the book: "I took two magazines, opened the box with armament, took 50 bullets, loaded two magazines, then a handgun, went to the post and shot the soldier on duty"," Babin said.

Russian experts also found several inaccuracies in the guard's testimony. "First of all, there are some doubts about the number of shots: several times he said that he took 50 bullets, loaded two magazines and shot 13 people in burst. The one who has ever used Kalashnikov gun knows that two magazines would finish on a third or a forth victim if shot in bursts. Besides, the testimony was written at a dictation, as the video is targeted on the public. His nervous collapse could also have been caused by development of schizophrenia," director of the science and research institute of forensic medicine Aleksandr Vlassov said.

Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that Vladislav Chelakh confessed of killing 14 of his fellow servicemen at Arkankergen frontier post and a nearby park ranger on May 30, blaming internal conflicts and mental breakdown for the tragedy.

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