Man injured in Aktobe blast ran into bomber

19 мая 2011, 12:37
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
One of the men injured in Aktobe blast ran into the suicide bomber at the entrance of Aktobe National Security Commission Department, reports.

That day 32-year-old Zhenisbek Moldin, who works in an oil company, came to the National Security Commission Department for business matters. He came with his driver to pick up documents. When entering the building he ran into the bomber face to face.

Moldin underwent a three-hour surgery to extract metal fragments from the explosion. His condition is stable, doctors say. There are a lot of fragment wounds on his head, neck, thigh and chest. The right part of his face has got burns. Five metal chips were extracted from Zhenisbek's body, but one is still left inside. The surgery to extract the last chip had to be postponed for medical reasons. The injured is already conscious, recognizes his family and tries to talk to doctors. His family members are besides him in the hospital.

Earlier English reported that Tuesday morning suicide bomber blew a self-made bomb in Aktobe National Security Commission Department building. The bomber died and two people were injured.

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