Man injured in Aktobe blast had successful face surgery

18 мая 2011, 19:11
The condition of Zhenisbek Moldin, who was injured in the blast in Aktobe National Security Commission Department is improving,

Doctors say that in spite of his severe injuries, his condition has stabilized. “This is only the initial post-surgery period, and we consider the patient's condition as grave, but stable; there is a positive dynamics,” deputy chief doctor of Aktobe hospital Zamza Khairullina said.

According to Khairullina, metal fragments were extracted from the right side of the patient's face. The surgery went well and the man will not need a plastic surgery. The patient is currently conscious. He can speak, his vital functions are normal.

Earlier English reported that Tuesday morning Makatov blew a self-made bomb in Aktobe National Security Commission Department building. The bomber died and two people were injured.

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