Malaysian attacker claimed to be 'God's messenger'

12 июля 2012, 15:59
A samurai sword-wielding attacker shot dead by Malaysian police near Prime Minister Najib Razak's office had told his wife he was a "messenger of God", AFP reports citing a senior security official.

Abdul Razak Majid, the police chief in the Malaysian administrative capital of Putrajaya, told AFP that the unemployed 47-year-old identified as Khalil Afandi Abdul Hamid was believed to be a member of a deviant cult group.

"His wife told police that he had claimed to be 'Imam Mahadi' or messenger of God," he said.

Khalil, who blogged under the name "Jaya Negara" -- or "Successful Nation" in Malay -- had posted a message last month calling on Muslims to abide by the teachings of Allah and to refrain from immoral activities.

In Monday's incident, a bare-chested Khalil together with a 28-year-old woman identified as Muhdalina Ahmad forced their way into the complex housing the prime minister's office armed with samurai swords.

When guards refused to allow them in, they drew their swords and entered the complex in Putrajaya, some 30 kilometres (20 miles) from Kuala Lumpur, smashing the windscreens of cars parked nearby, police said.

An official with the prime minister's department, who asked not to be named, said the pair got to within around 100 meters (yards) of Najib's office and that the prime minister was present during the incident.

Muhdalina, who was shot in the leg, was being treated at a local hospital. Khalil, who was shot in the arm and groin, was pronounced dead in hospital.

Abdul Razak said Khalil had no previous criminal record and investigators were yet to ascertain his motive for the attack. "We believe this is an isolated case. We have yet to question the woman," he said.

The Star newspaper said the attackers had complained about the services of a government agency before the incident.

The attack came as election fever heats up with the opposition gearing to wrest power from Najib's ruling National Front coalition, which has been in power for the last 50 years.

Najib is expected to call elections in the next few months.

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