Latvian truck driver hang himself in Almaty oblast

19 апреля 2012, 20:40
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A body of Latvian truck driver was discovered on the tenth kilometer of Burundai-Shamalgan road in Almaty oblast, press-secretary of Almaty oblast Interior Department Kobeikhan Nurakhmet told

A man, born in 1965, hang himself on a tree not far from the road. It was identified that Mr. Skabs was a citizen of Latvian Aizkraukle. The truck with foreign plate numbers was discovered not far from the accident site.

According to the police, the truck driver was trying to sell his personal belongings to the employees of local gas station not long before the accident. Police also found out that a day before the man applied to Almaty Interior Department saying he was robbed.

There were no signs of violence on Skabs’ body. A forensic examination is going to be made.

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