Kyrgyz border guard kills five near Kazakhstan

21 августа 2012, 10:54
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A Kyrgyz soldier stationed near the Central Asian state's border with Kazakhstan shot dead four of his colleagues and the wife of one of them on Monday before fleeing in a car, AFP reports citing the police.

The attack about 100 kilometres (65 miles) southeast of the popular Lake Issyk-Kul resort was the third such outbreak of violence in the increasingly volatile region in recent months.

The unnamed border guard shot dead the head of the small high-mountain outpost, a senior soldier and a warrant officer as well as a fourth soldier and his wife, an interior ministry spokesman said.

Police launched a manhunt for the killer, who jumped into a car and drove away in an unknown direction. There was no immediate motive given for the attack.

The border region shared by Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and China has seen a wave of sporadic violence in the past two months.

Police in Kazakhstan said last week they had discovered the charred and stabbed remains of 11 bodies scattered over large stretches of a remote park popular with international climbers and hikers.

An investigation into that attack is still ongoing, with police searching for the son of a slain forest park warden who went missing.

That incident occurred two months after a Kazakh border guard confessed to killing 14 of his fellow servicemen at a remote frontier post near the border with China.

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