Kirill Denyakin was receiving threats shortly before he was murdered by US police officer

12 июля 2011, 18:37
Kirill Denyakin
Kirill Denyakin
Kazakhstan citizen Kirill Denyakin was arrested by Portsmouth police not long before his death. The police accused him of chasing a girl named Nicoletta, Denyakin's friend Danny Donovan from the US wrote in a new letter to

According to Donovan, Kirill was in love with Nicoletta and dated her for about six months. But they break up and it seems Kirill could never get fully over it. He continued visiting her from time to time. As it turned out later Nicoletta's new boyfriend was an ancillary officer with the Portsmouth Police Department.

"There was this case, where one night Kirill missed his girlfriend and couldn't sleep, so went to her apartment, he heard intimate sounds coming from the apartment, and feeling dejected he sat on the street. When a man came out, Kirill asked him for a cigarette, and received one, a day later he was arrested on a false charge of 'stalking' but was never processed (Kirill never had a criminal record or anything they just tried to scare him away from Nicoletta),” Donovan wrote.

After that Kirill found out that his ex-girlfriend lived with “a Lebanese gentleman named Malek Majzoub.” Mr. Maizoub, 57, lives on Green Street not far from the place where Kirill was shot later.

“He is quoted as frequenting a bar on High Street, and speaking to Kirill's "friend" Maurice Wilson, stating K (Kirill) would get what is coming to him. Shortly after that, Kirill was murdered. Mr. Maizoub was an ancillary officer with the Portsmouth Police Department.”

Kirill's mother Yelena Denyakina told that Kirill was indeed once arrested for chasing Nicoletta. “I know this girl, I've spoken to her on Skype,” Denyakina said. “She dated my son for about six months, but they broke up. But Kirill visited her, I heard of this case with his arrest. My son was forbidden to come any nearer than 200 meters to Nicoletta.”

Nicoletta has not commented the accident either to American or Kazakhstan media. Information about threats to Kirill might help Denyakins in court. The first hearing is scheduled for the end of July.

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