Kazakhstan women accused of Internet-fraud in USA will get sentence on July 11

11 июля 2011, 16:27
©REUTERS/Ints Kalnins
©REUTERS/Ints Kalnins
The last hearing on the case of Kazakhstan citizen Elvira Gumerova arrested in USA in suspect of Internet-fraud will be held on July 11, Tengrinews.kz reports Gumerova who is now in Pitkin jail in Aspen, CO.

According to Gumerova, she will not be sentenced to prison, and, most probably, she will be transferred to a migration jail and deported after the hearing. It is still unknown whether police has arrested Gumerova's accomplice, who, according to her, pushed her into the crime. Prosecutor Arnold Pitkin refused to comment the coming hearing.

Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that Elvira Gumerova was arrested on March 22 for thieving around $17 thousand. Elvira Gumarova, 22, published fake car-sale ads on the Internet. The interested purchasers were then redirected to a fake eBay website. The money from the 'sales' was transferred to the account of Sarah Cohen. The money was later withdrawn from this account by Elvira Gumerova using a fake driving license on the name of Sarah Cohen.

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