Kazakhstan to boost expenses to maintain penitentiary facilities

05 марта 2011, 20:45
By Maksim Popov©
By Maksim Popov©
Kazakhstan’s expenditures to sustain prisoners will be increasing from year to year as part of the state program to humanize the national criminal legislation, the country’s Justice Ministry reports.

In 2010 the figure made up USD 164 million. According to the Justice Ministry plans, the annual budget is to be increased to USD 210 million by 2013.

Besides, the Government plans to modernize some of the penitentiary facilities. To this end, USD 600 000 was earmarked in 2010. In 2011 this figure has been increased to over USD 3.5 million.

Besides, the Government is considering providing paid jobs to prisoners. Back in 2009 only 35.6 prisoners were paid a salary for their work.

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