Kazakhstan sees crime surge by one third in 2011

14 ноября 2011, 16:35
Crime rate in Kazakhstan went 38.3 percent up in January-September 2011, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing Kazakhstan Statistics Agency.

According to the authority, 137,789 crimes were registered in this period. Every 7th criminal was drunk when wrongdoing and every 4th was did it as part of a group. The crime rate is 107 crimes per every 10 thousand citizens. 6,114 crimes were committed against persons, including 1,078 intentional murders and attempted homicides, 1,345 cases of intentional infliction of heavy harm to health and 7,814 crimes against public security and public order.

108,968 crimes aimed against property, including 79,271 thefts, were registered in the period from January to September 2011. According to the Statistics Agency, the majority of financial damages were caused by economic crimes.

Meanwhile, the number of drug-related crimes in 2011 is 51.3 percent less than in the same period of 2010. Militarymen committed 15.6 percent less crimes than in the same period of last year. 38,535 people were brought to criminal liability from January to September 2011.

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