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Kazakhstan is transferring famous criminal to Israel

29 марта 2012, 17:29
Boris Sheinkman. Vesti.kz stock photo
Boris Sheinkman. Vesti.kz stock photo
Former commercial agent of Israeli military companies in Kazakhstan Boris Sheinkman will be transferred to Israel within several weeks for further 11-year imprisonment, KazTAG reports citing IzRus.

"There is a progress in this issue. Most probably, Sheinkman will be transferred to Israel for further imprisonment in the nearest time. It could take several weeks," the magazine cites Israel Ambassador to Kazakhstan Israel May-Amy.

The return of former commercial agent of Israeli military industry in Kazakhstan "will become the final accords in the 4-year cadence of May-Amy at the ambassador's position".

According to Kazakhstan General Prosecutor's office, "the suggestion on transferring Sheinkman" was made by the department of international relations of Israeli state prosecution in the beginning of August 2011. In the end of August Kazakhstan party replied that there was a "possibility to consider this issue in case there are warranties from Israeli authorities that Sheinkman will continue serving the sentence of Kazakhstan court," the website writes.

In October Kazakhstan General Prosecutor's office sent the documents to Israel to start this process. In December Israel Ministry of Justice received the letter of the first deputy General Prosecutor of Kazkahstan Iogan Merkel. He was inquiring about the conditions of imprisonment in which Sheinkman would be serving his term in Israel. Kazakhstan General Prosecutor wanted guarantees that Sheinkamn would not be released after the transfer to Israel.

On December 22 press-service of Israel Ministry of Justice explained to IzRus, that the issue is about transfer of the convict, not extradition". "There is no convention between Israel and Kazakhstan on transfer of convicts. That's why we are discussing this procedure, which is very complicated and long," Israel Ministry of Justice stated.

According to IzRus, on January 5 Kazakhstan General Prosecutor's office stated that it received guarantees from Israel that Sheinkman will continue serving the sentence. "The documents required for transferring Sheinkman were received from Israel Ministry of Justice in the beginning of January. According to a diplomatic source in Astana, the delay in preparation of the documents by Israeli party was caused not only by lack of bilateral agreements on transfer of convicts, but also by the fact that the crimes committed by Sheinkman have different sentences in both countries. It is 11 years of imprisonment in Kazakhstan and 7 years in jail in Israel. That's why the authorities of Jerusalem and Astana had to come to a consensus on the period of Sheinkman's imprisonment after arrival from Kazakhstan," the website writes.

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