Kazakh woman plead guilty of Internet-fraud in USA and is likely to be deported

14 июля 2011, 12:35
Elvira Gumerova, who was accused of Internet-fraud in USA, is likely to be deported to Kazakhstan, Aspen Daily News writes.

Pitkin County District Court in Aspen, CO, initially charged Gumerova with thieving over $17 thousand using a fake car-sales Internet-shop. But she made a plea barbain and recieved a two-year deferred sentence. According to chief deputy district attorney Arnold Mordkin, the woman will be deported, as she was illegally living in the US.

"As part of a plea bargain, Elvira Gumarova, 22, said she was guilty of felony second-degree trespass of agricultural land with intent to commit a felony; she was originally charged with a more serious felony count of theft of $1,000 to $20,000 and criminal impersonation. Those charges were dropped," Aspen Daily News writes.

Mark Rubinstein, Gumerova's attorney said that she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge although she was not guilty of the trespass of agricultural land. Rubinstein is quoted by Aspen Daily News as saying that the significance lies not with the actual crime involved in the guilty plea but with the level of the felony involved. He said it’s not uncommon for defendants to plead guilty to a crime that is different than the original charge.

According to attorney, the judge took into account that Elvira Gumerova did not have any criminal record and spent a significant time in jail since her arrest – she was incarcerated for 112 days – and gave a softer sentence, which defenders fully agreed with. “Your time in the United States obviously hasn’t been very good. I hope that you learn from this, and good luck with your life in your home country,” Pitkin County District Court Judge Gail Nichols said.

Gumerova’s attorney, Mark Rubinstein said that Gumerava is “deeply ashamed of her behavior and she was pushed for it by friends” who are still not arrested.

“It is clear she was not the instigator but was a willing participant,” said Arnold Mordkin, chief deputy district attorney.

According to her attorney, Mark Rubinstein of Aspen, Gumarova lacked the sophistication to pull off the scheme alone. He said that the “primary player” likely lives in Florida. “Her involvement was limited to collecting the funds and delivering them elsewhere,” he said. “She received a small percentage” of the stolen funds.

Gumerova is now expected to be turned to immigration authorities and is likely to be deported. Whe arrived to the United States in July, 2009, but her visa expired since then.

Police picked up the trail of the woman after several 'customers' complained about trying to buy goods at her fake website. Gumerova was arrested on March 22, 2011 in Western Union office where she was trying to withdraw cash with the forged ID.

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