Greek coroner receives letter bomb, no injury: police

02 сентября 2013, 12:40
©REUTERS/Danny Lawson/Pool
©REUTERS/Danny Lawson/Pool
A Greek coroner involved in terrorism investigations escaped injury on Sunday after a letter bomb he received went off, AFP reports citing a police source.

An envelope containing an explosive device was sent to the coroner's home in northern Athens and anti-terrorist police were looking into the attack, the source said.

The coroner has been involved in investigations concerning Greek militant outfit Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei.

The group sent parcel bombs to European leaders and embassies and carried out arson and bomb attacks until 2011, when police carried out several arrests and said they had dismantled it.

There have since been sporadic arson hits against government targets in support of jailed Conspiracy members, many of them carried out in the name of an Italian-based group, the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI).

In July, FAI sent a letter bomb to a retired senior police officer, which went off in a post sorting centre in Athens without causing any injuries.

In a tract posted on the anti-establishment Indymedia Athens website later that month, FAI claimed responsibility for the attack and warned of further action against anti-terrorist police.

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