Denyakin's friend is receiving threats in US for giving details of the murder

18 июля 2011, 16:37
Danny Donovan. Photo from
Danny Donovan. Photo from
Danny Donovan. Photo from
Danny Donovan. Photo from
Threatening started for Danny Donovan, a friend of 26-y.o. Kirill Denyakin murdered in the United States by a police officer, Donovan wrote to has received a series of letters from Donovan unveiling new unexpected details of the case that initially seemed a tragic accident rather than a deliberate murder.

After publishing quotes from his recent letters the website indeed received threats from the police officer's supporters. A user who called himself WEATHERFREAK left an aggressive comment to the news about officer Rankin killing Denyakin over a girl: "If Danny Donovan is in the U.S.A we will work to have him identified and deported after we File our court actions against him.” the commenter also insisted that everything Donovan has been saying about the case is a lie and that officer Rankin never even had a roommate. You can see the comment in full here. But the distant threats to the media from citizens of the most democratic country in the world are nothing compared to the pressure Donovan said he had to face.

“I have been threatened by certain people involved in this case: 4 police officers were waiting in front of my apartment when I came home. 2 on motorcycles, and 1 car were waiting in front of my door. They must have missed me when I came in, as no one was there when I came home, but they were out in force when my mom came home,” he wrote. “If anything happens and you don't hear from me, just know what happened to Kirill probably happened to me."

26-year-old Karaganda citizen Kirill Denyakin was shot by the policeman Stephen D. Rankin in Portsmouth on April 23. Denyakin was unarmed, but the police officer made 11 shots killing him on the spot. Before the tragedy Denyakin had been working as a hotel cook for 2 years.

New details of the murder became available recently. According to Danny Donovan, Denyakin and Ranking knew each other. Kirill's ex-girlfriend Nicoletta was dating Mr.Malek Majzoub, who earlier worked in Portsmouth police. He also used to be Rankin's roommate.

Denyakin's family is claiming $22 million from Portsmouth police. The first court hearing is scheduled for the end of July.

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