Corruptor of minors Peter Baruch worked at Kashagan

02 марта 2014, 13:28
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British national Peter Baruch arrested in Uralsk for corruption of minors worked as a top-manager at the Kashagan oilfield, Tengrinews reports citing Ak Zhaiyk.

One of Baruch’s colleagues at ENI Agip said that the British national came to Atyrau in October of 2009 as a technical supervisor at Kashagan's on-shore complex. Baruch worked for Shell, one of the investors and operators of the Kashagan project.

“Since his arrival and till April 2012 he lived in Renaissance and Chagala hotels in the center of Atyrau city. Baruch lead quit a reserved life, keeping a low profile and nobody suspected of his inclinations. He simply never went on dates with ladies, never had any stable relations so we though he might be gay,” his colleague said.

Managers that have jobs similar to that of Baruch's made around $35-40 thousand per a shift. “But he suddenly quit his job in May 2012. It seemed strange, because there have been few foreigners who left our project on their own. Only now it is becoming clear why this must have happened. At that time he was transferred to Karabatan in Samal rotation village, while earlier he was living in the city. Living in a secluded village must has seemed very uncomfortable so he decided to quit the job, ” he added.

Baruch's the case was started after a complained of the mother of a 12-years-old girl on January 14, 2014. After conducting a search in his hotel room and finding around 600 photos of naked underage girls the police charged Peter Baruch with Production and distribution of child pornography, or engaging minors in pornographic events and Corruption of Minors. Later, 7 more complaints were filed against Baruch in Atyrau.

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