Canada expels 20 Hungarians for human trafficking

23 июля 2014, 13:26
©Reuters/Richard Lam
©Reuters/Richard Lam

Canada announced the extradition of 20 Hungarians convicted in what authorities described as the largest human trafficking case in Canadian history, for forcing eastern European refugee claimants into slavery, AFP reports.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney made the announcement in Hamilton, Ontario where the criminal ring operated. The last of the 20 was expelled in May.

"Victims of the Domotor-Kolompar extended family were recruited and/or transported from their native Hungary, with promises of a better life and work in the Hamilton area," a statement said.

"They were forced to work illegally, live in deplorable conditions without adequate food and were intimidated or attacked repeatedly."

Ferenc Domotor pleaded guilty in 2012 to running the gang which lured men from his native Hungary and coerced them into forced labor at his stucco companies in Hamilton.

Domotor and his extended Roma family reportedly forced at least 19 people to claim refugee status when they arrived in Canada from the town of Papa in Hungary (150 kilometers west of Budapest), work without pay sometimes as much as 17 hours per day, and sleep on mattresses in a locked basement of his house.

The victims were fed only one meal a day and alarms on the windows and doors kept them from escaping.

The scheme was uncovered when Canadian police were tipped off by a contractor who was approached by one of the victims.

Domotor was not among those extradited as he is still serving the remainder of a nine-year prison sentence. Another unnamed person from the group is also still in Canada.

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