Associate professor told about extremists' recruitment methods

17 ноября 2011, 11:51
Associate professor of Kazakhstan National Security Commission Academy Gulnar Dzhumanova told about extremists' recruitment methods at the 1st forum of religious experts in Astana, reports.

According to participants of the forum, extremism in Kazakhstan has a young face. “Marginal young people who have not found themselves yet, for example, young people coming from the villages, unemployed, with no education,” she said about the risk group. “Of course, all that provokes aggressiveness, vandalism, fanaticism, etc. Such malignant youth is successfully used by political forces.”

However, according to her, religious extremists may influence young people from other social groups as well. “Students are a category that learns in groups, lives in dorms; this makes them an easy target for religious preachers. Rich young people, a so-called 'golden youth' can also be a goal extremist organizations. In their cases the reasons are different: they often search for new experiences or some kind of satiation,” Gulnar Dzhumanova said.

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