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46 terrorist attacks prevented in 7 years in Kazakhstan

27 июня 2012, 20:05
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan National Security Commission
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan National Security Commission
46 extremist acts of terrorist nature have been prevented in Kazakhstan since 2005, deputy secretary of Kazakhstan Security Council Kozy-Korpesh Dzhanburchin told KazPravda. According to him, Kazakhstan turned out to be surrounded by the epicenters of terrorism, ethno-religious and social tensions.

"Some of the international terrorist and religious-extremist organizations are taking purposeful steps to secure a lasting presence at the territory of Central Asia, including our country," Dzhanburchin said. "Spread of radical religious ideology on the Internet is of our special concern. Internet has a huge number of videos glorifying the "heroic deeds" of the mujahedins, instructions on self-made explosives, tactics of terrorist attacks in different conditions. It is well know that such a "brainwash" caused several terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan recently."

Dzhanburchin noted that law-enforcement authorities recently managed to unravel and suppress the spread of radical ideology and organization of terrorist activities at the early stage. According to him, over 300 people were convicted in Kazakhstan for participation in terrorist and extremist activities since 2005. Over 200 items of fire arms have been seized during investigations into the cases.

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