2000 Kazakhstanies fined for smoking in public places

02 марта 2011, 23:10
RIA Novosti©
RIA Novosti©
Kazakhstan police has been heavily combating smoking in public places in recent weeks, press-service of the Interior Affairs Ministry reported. Policemen performed around 3.5 thousand raids to trace the violations.

The anti-smoking law was adopted back in September 2009, but many smokes still simply defy it and light up in public places.

According to the Interior Ministry 299 people were held responsible for smoking in education institutions in the past several months. 103 were found smoking in public catering places.

143 Kazakhstanies were fined for smoking in places of public recreation and entertainment.

But the greatest number of violations of the anti-smoking law took place in public transport: 788 smokers.

In Almaty, the biggest city of Kazakhstan, the number of people caught smoking in public places exceeded 200. The fines they paid exceeded 300 thousand tenge (around $2000).

Kazakhstan’s ban on smoking in public places applies to outdoor as well as indoor areas.

Smoking is officially prohibited in hospitals, schools, cinemas, theaters, circuses, concert halls, exhibitions, stadiums, night clubs and other places of public entertainment and recreation.

The anti-smoking list also includes railway and bus stations and airports.

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