Talgo railway cars plant to be launched in December

03 ноября 2011, 12:11
© hsrail.ru
© hsrail.ru
A plant assembling Talgo railway cars will be launched in Kazakhstan in December 2011, Bnews.kz reported, citing Ermek Kizatov, Vice President of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Railways Operator as saying November 2.

“Within the State-run Program of Accelerated Industrial Innovation, in partnership with Spain’s Talgo we are completing the facility that will be manufacturing passenger railway cars”, Mr. Kizatov said.

“The first batch of railcars will be manufactured as early as this year. Within the following three years we plan a total of 420 railway cars to link major cities with high-velocity connections”, Kizatov said.

According to him, the lifetime of the railway cars will be 40 years. The Company plans to replace all the current passenger railway cars with new trains.

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