KyrgyzGas owes $13 million to KazTransGas

10 июля 2013, 19:29
The debt of KyrgyzGas to KazTransGas group for gas supplies in 2003-2005 made $13 million as of June 1, 2013, CA-NEWS writes.

The company also owes $1.7 million to Interglass Central Asia for gas transportation in 2003-2005 and $13.3 million to Kyrgyzstan Finance Ministry, Director General of KyrgyzGas Turgunbek Kulmurzayev said at the shareholders meeting.

“Gas supplies to the north of Kyrgyzstan In 2003-2005 were suspended and KyrgyzGas performed unauthorized gas offtake from KazTransGas pipeline appropriating gas intended for Almaty. The total unauthorized offtake from KazTransGas equaled to $907 thousand in 2003-2005,” he said.

KyrgyzGas paid almost $557 thousand for similar unauthorized offtakes in 2003-2010 and the company’s debt to KazTransGas equaled to $18.4 million as of the beginning of 2010, including $16.7 million for natural gas and $1.7 million for its transportation. In June 2010 KyrgyzGas paid $3.7 million to KazTransGas for the unauthorized offtake in 2003-2005.

“ KyrgyzGas' debts hinder its normal operation and renders its financially insolvent and unable to maintain its gas distribution network,” Kulmurzayev said.

In February 2013 Kyrgyzstan’s debt to KazTransGas made $6 billion. Kazakhstan suppliers requested it to pay the debts before February 12, 2013 threatening to cease gas supplies if the debt is not paid.

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