Kazakhstan’s Air Astana to perform chartered flights to Turkey

07 марта 2014, 16:28
Kazakhstan’s Air Astana to perform chartered flights to Turkey - tengrinews.kz
Kazakhstan’s Air Astana national airline will be performing chartered flights from Almaty to Turkey to supplement its regular flights, according to the Company’s Press Service.

The Airline will be relying on two planes to perform the flights. The reason behind the decision to start chartered flights is lowering demand for direct and transit flights both within Kazakhstan and to Russia and Ukraine.

“The latest analyses showed that the market is not ready to accommodate the 14% growth of directions Air Astana has recently launched. Therefore the Airline is considering alternative ways to use its air fleet, with one of the possible solutions being chartered flights, the Press Service elaborated.

Back in summer 2013 about a hundred of Kazakhstan’s tourists couldn’t return from Turkey due to the bankruptcy of the Turkish Sky Airlines; Kazakhstan’s Emergency Ministry had to send two airplanes to fly the tourists back to the homeland. Following the incident, Kazakhstan moved to ban chartered flights performed from and to Kazakhstan by foreign airlines, with some travel agencies voicing their concerns that the domestic airlines won’t be able to meet the demand for chartered flights.

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