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Kazakhstan bans use of Omsk refinery's bitumen in road construction

25 июня 2013, 18:58
Photo by Marat Abilov©
Photo by Marat Abilov©
Kazakhstan has banned use of bitumen produced by Omsk Oil Refinery (in Russia near Kazakhstan border) for construction of roads, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan.

“KazDorNII (Kazakhstan Road R&D Institute) has made tests of the asphalt-concrete samples of bitumen of the major manufacturers and suppliers of these goods to our market. The tests showed that the bitumen produced by Omsk Oil Refinery has low rutting resistance. Besides, the test revealed anomalies in behavior of the asphalt-concrete: the said bitumen created a binding coating at the rut surface,” the press-service writes.

The results of the tests have already been sent to the manufacturer. Besides, the ministry notified the territorial divisions of the Roads Commission, KazakhAvtoDor, the contractors and administrations of oblasts and cities of the temporary suspension of the use of the bitumen produced by Omsk Oil Refinery in construction and repair works on the roads in Kazakhstan.

Rutting is considered to be one of the main distress found in asphalt pavements, especially when the ambient temperature is as high as 40 degrees Centigrade, like in Kazakhstan. Generally rutting is caused by the accumulation of irreversible and permanent deformation in all pavement layers under the action of repeated traffic loadings. Therefor rutting resistance of hot-mix asphalt surface layer, which usually consists of multi-layer asphalt mixtures, is very important.

Bitumen is used as a binder to build both the pavement structure and the wearing course. Liquid at the high temperature, bitumen is mixed with aggregate to manufacture bituminous concrete, which remains sufficiently workable to be placed and compacted. At ambient temperatures, bitumen behaves as a viscoelastic material providing both stability and flexibility that are two essential properties for long lasting pavements. In addition, bitumen has good adhesive and waterproofing characteristics, which ensures resistance to climatic aggression, and therefore durability.

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