Job cuts expected in KazMunaiGas headquarters

03 февраля 2012, 13:40
KazMunaiGas headquarters building. Photo by Danial Okassov©
KazMunaiGas headquarters building. Photo by Danial Okassov©
Job cuts are expected in the headquarters of KazMunaiGas oil and gas national company. At the same time the number of production units is expected to be increased, reports citing KMG Managing Director.

“According to the instructions we received in the President’s State-of-the-Union Address and during an extended meeting, KazMunaiGas is currently working on new projects that we will offered to the Board for consideration. We expect serious cuts in the headquarters and an increase in our production units and production branches,” Managing Director of KazMunaiGas Daniyar Berlibayev said at the meeting of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Oil and Gas on February 2.

According to his information, 106 thousand people are currently employed in the company; 87 percent of them are production personnel. KazMunaiGas arranges for training of 25 thousand people annually. The company has already spent 2.5 billion tenge ($16.9 million) on personnel training. 1,200 young professionals were employed by the company in 2011. 18 people are registered in the candidates pool. KazMunaiGas has 38 affiliated companies. The company has spent 20 billion tenge ($135 million) on sponsorship and charity. Managing Director of KazMunaiGas also stated that the company’s overall profit made 379 billion tenge ($2.6 billion) in 2011.

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