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VIDEO: Englishman in Shymkent with May 9 war song

09 may 2012, 14:02
Caption from the video
Caption from the video
Kazakhstan singer Luina and Italian singer Son Pascal known in Kazakhstan for his Englishman in Shymkent clip have made a video timed to the Victory Day celebrated on May 9. The musicians recorded a cover version of Toymnaya Noch (Dark Night) war song, Tengrinews.kz reports.

This is a live recording made with the use of a mobile phone and acoustic guitar. The 2.5-minute clip is available on YouTube. “I would like to dedicate this song to my Grandmother and Grandfather who brought be up when I was left without my parents. I very much hope that none of you will have to go trough similar losses and hardship that they endured. But may we all be as open and kind a people as our war veterans are," Luina said.

“We understand that most of our audience is young people. But through this song we would like to remind them of our grandmothers and grandfathers who lived through the war, both at the front lines and in the back lands. (...) On this day we should be thankful not only to our family and relatives, but also to our neighbors and all the veterans that we pass on the street,” said Zhomart Suleimenov, Production Center Chief.

Dark Night
Music by N. Bogoslovsky
Lyrics by V. Agatov

English translation by Dmitriy Berger

It’s a dark night, bullets whistling throughout the steppe,
As the wind’s humming in the phone lines, the stars are shimmering dimly.
In this dark night, I am sure you, my love, cannot sleep
by the baby’s crib, wiping your eyes, holding back the lone tear.

How I’d love to look into your deep gentle eyes,
How I wish I could now press my lips against them.
But this dark night wants to keep us apart, o my love.
And this anxious black empty steppe put itself in between us.

I trust in you, only you, my beloved, distant friend.
This belief has been all through this night shielding me from the bullets.
Yet, I am glad, staying calm in this deadly combat,
Knowing you’re going to wait and to love me, no matter what happens.

Don’t fear death. I have met it not once in this steppe.
Even right now, it is circling above my head.
Waiting for me, you cannot sleep by our baby’s crib
Making sure that to me in the night nothing is going to happen.

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