Namgar to bring ancient Buryat and Mongolian songs to The Spirit of Tengri

06 июня 2014, 01:39
Namgar. Photo ©
Namgar. Photo ©

Namgar band from Buryatia will perform songs from their new album at the 2nd edition of The Spirit of Tengri on June 7th. The new album was created along with musicians of a famous Norwegian singer of Sami heritage Mari Boine Persen. The band is coming to Almaty to perform with Namgar.

“Namgar band has just released a new album. This album is a new milestone in the band’s creative work. I think that the album will be presented well at the festival and the band will heavily focus on the new album in their performance,” Denis Maximov, author of the Ethno-Sound show on Tengri FM radio, said.

Namgar band was created in 2001. The band performs traditional Buryatian and Mongilian songs. Namgar Lkhasaranova is the leading singer of the band. She performs along with her husband Yevgeniy Zolotarev. Namgar sings ancient nomadic songs, long songs, balades and many other traditional songs of Buryat and Mongol people. In the Tibet language “namgar” is translated as "white cloud".

The Spirit of Tengri starts at 5 p.m. on the Republic Square (crossing of Abai and Dostyk streets) on June 7th. The second edition of the ethnic music festival will feature artists from Buryatnia, Yakutia, Austria, Japan, Ecuador, Turkey and other countries.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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