Mario Ruiz releases God of War track prior Golovkin-Lemieux fight

17 октября 2015, 16:19

American rappers Mario Ruiz and Omaz Cruz have released their third video God Of War dedicated to Gennady "Triple G" Golovkin, Tengrinews reports citing

The music video was released prior to Golovkin's title unification fight against David Lemieux. The rappers used instrumentals from the Seven Nation Army by White Stripes and videos from Golovkin's fights.

God Of War marks the third song released by Mario Ruiz and Omar Cruz for Golovkin. In November 2014, the rappers presented Mexican Style, released prior to Golovkin's fight against Mexican boxer Marco Antonio Rubio. In January 2015, the rappers brought Good Boy Killa track in anticipation of Triple G's fight against Martin Murray.

Meanwhile, Golovkin is on the final stage of preparations for his fight against Lemieux scheduled on October 17 at the Madison Square Garden. Earlier, reported Golovkin and Lemieux having WBC 7-Day weight checks. According to the WBC rules, the boxers have to stay within a limit of their weight division and "cannot weight more than 10% above the contracted limit 30 days out and 5% above said limit seven days out". The maximum weight for the middleweights was set by WBC at 76.2 kg (168 lb). Golovkin showed 75,1 kg (165.6 lbs) and Lemieux had 76 kg (167.6 lbs). On October 17, the fighters stepped on scales for the same-day weight check. Kazakhstan's Golovkin showed 72.3 kg (159.4 lbs) and Lemieux showed 72.48 kg (159.8) lbs.

In the USA, the fight will be broadcast on PPV basis via HBO. In Kazakhstan, the Golovkin-Lemieux can be watched on Kazakhstan TV Channel.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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