Kara Zhorga song performed in Italian

16 апреля 2013, 15:49
Snapshot of the vvideo music. Photo courtesy of YouTube.com
Snapshot of the vvideo music. Photo courtesy of YouTube.com
Augusto Amicucci of Italy has performed Kazakh national song Kara Zhorga in Kazakh and Italian languages, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Alikhan Mussatayev, manager of KS Production.

The Italian singer liked Kara Zhorga song from its first notes because of its frolicsome nature. Amicucci’s fellow countryman Marco Augello, who has been living in Kazakhstan for ten years, translated the song into Italian. The Italian singer released a music video, where he performs the popular dance. The video tells a story of a common Kazakh guy and his mother, who dreams of marrying him to a beautiful Shymkent girl. The photo of this beauty fell out from between the pages of Playboy magazine. The mother and her son travel to Shymkent searching for the bride. You can learn the end of the story after watching the video.

39-y.o. Augusto Amicucci started playing accordion at the age of nine. KS-production managers invited him to Kazakhstan after they visited his concert and met him in Moscow. The Kazakhstan producers are planing to release two more Kazakh songs performed by Amicucci.

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