Discovery to make a film about aliens in Kazakhstan mountains

23 сентября 2011, 11:16
Discovery channel will make a film in Ulytau mountains. ©
Discovery channel will make a film in Ulytau mountains. ©
Discovery will make a part of a film about aliens in Kazakhstan. The shooting will be done in Ulytau mountains in Karaganda oblast, reports, referring to the oblast's Akimat (regional administration) website.

Swiss Gerhard Birke is the author of the idea. Gerhard has been collecting data about burial mounds “where extraterrestrials who died on Earth were buried” for two years. The Swiss was attracted by Kazakhstan mountains, because the remains of very tall people were found by the archaeologists here. Birke believes in ancient legends, according to which tall people were considered to be celestial visitants or Gods.

Akmechet mountain at Ulytau mountain massif is of particular interest for ufologists. Burials of holy men are said to be located in the mountain. There is also Alash-khan Mausoleum in Zhezkazgan region, and Alash-khan was considered a tall man by Kazakhs. Kazakhstan is not the only place Discovery has been researching in the search for origin of the giant's race.

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