Astana Opera to present choral music night in Almaty

03 февраля 2014, 16:44
Astana Opera theater will present a choral music night on the stage of Kazakhconcert concert hall in Almaty city on February 7, Tengrinews reports.

A chamber choir led by Yerzhan Dautov will sing all kinds of masterpiece of the world choral arts. The first part of the concert will climax in Pushkin's Garland by Georgy Sviridov.

“The composer had a deep feeling for Alexander Pushkin's poetry. He gathered 10 of his poems in one multifaceted choral composition. The music is complex, and bringing the poetry across to the audience is a very important part of it," Dutov said.

The second part of the concert will consist of Kazakh and Russian choral music pieces, as well as works of Western European composers of 18-21th centuries.

Kazakh pieces will include choral interpretations of Kazakh folk music pieces Aksak Kulan (Lame Donkey) and Dala men Gul (A Flower in the Steppe) by Mansur Sagatov and a premier of Anadan Tugan (Born There) by Alibi Abdinurov.

Russian choral music will be represented by several a capella Orthodox music pieces by Alexandr Arkhangelskiy and Pert. The Western-European direction will be represented by music of Josef Svider and Hall Johnson.

"The choir is one of the most complex instruments ever created by the human kind. The chamber choir of Astana Opera is well known. It has been praised by outstanding experts like Italian opera director Pier Luigi Pizzi and Russian opera singers Yelena Obraztsova and Ildar Abdrazakov," Yerzhan Dautov said.

Tickets to the choral music performance cost 1500 tenge ($10). They can be bought in the box office of the concert hall. KazakhConcert concert hall is located at #83 Abylkhair Khan Str., at the crossing with Aiteke-bi Str. The concert starts at 7:00 p.m. on February 7.

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