Kazakhstan residents bought new cars worth $2 billion in 2012

21 june 2013, 13:43
Kazakhstan residents bought new cars worth $2 billion in 2012 - Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Kazakhstan residents spent $2 billion on new cars in 2012, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Association of Kazakhstan's Car Business.

According to the Association, around 87 thousand new cars were sold in 2012. It even exceeds the results of the pre-crisis year 2007 that used to be considered the most successful. Besides, the experts point out the total amount of taxes paid by car dealers. The state received over 60 billion tenge ($400 million) in taxes from them in 2012. The average cost of the new car made $22 thousand in 2012. According to the Association, Kazakhstan is nearing Russia and several European countries by this indicator.

"The grey market that has for a long time been the main source of cars for the absolute majority of Kazakhstan residents is gradually losing its positions thanks to the '7-year' restriction (targeted against old cars) coupled with the Customs Union. The import of used cars went down 75-fold. Kazakhstan residents have become more pragmatic about their costs. People come to understand that it is more profitable to buy a new, though a cheap car, that had the manufacturer's guarantee and maintenance period, rather than a second-hand car with the dark history," representatives of the Association said.

According to the Association, the main surprise of Kazakhstan's car market in 2012 was that around 55 percent of decisions to buy cars were made by women.

The rating of top 3 economy cars in Kazakhstan with the cost of $12 thousand is led by Lada Priora. It is followed by Lada Samara and Daewoo Nexia.

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