Kazakhstan cars to compete for best sound in Germany

29 апреля 2011, 14:47
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovsky©
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovsky©
Sound Check-2011 car sound and tuning contest will start in Kazakhstan on May 15, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Autosound.kz.

The winner of the national stage of the European Mobile Media Association (EMMA) in Kazakhstan will go to Germany for the European final. The winner will be defined as per total rating score received in all national stages during a year, as well as national stages in other EMMA member-countries.

Participation and registration rules may be found on the official website Autosound.kz. The competition will be held in Almaty on the square in front of APORT shopping center (Rayimbek street).

EMMA Kazakhstan will be held under six categories: sound quality, MultiMedia (visual and acoustic features of the system), sound pressure, EMMA Tuning (styling, tuning, audio), EMMA-Art (artistic painting), EMMA Racing (sound quality, sound pressure, tuning, design and car running characteristics).

EMMA Association was founded with an objective of creating a united “game field” for car sound competitions in Europe and unification of existing rules of such competitions.

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