Ole Sloth Hansen

Ole Sloth Hansen

Head of Commodity Strategy, Saxo Bank

Ole Sloth Hansen is a specialist in all traded Futures, with over 20 years’ experience both on the buy and sell side. Hansen joined Saxo Bank in 2008 and is today Head of Commodity Strategy focusing on a diversified range of products from fixed income to commodities. He previously worked for 15 years in London, most recently for a multi-asset Futures and Forex Hedge fund, where he was in charge of the trade execution team. He is available for comments on most commodities, especially energies and precious metals.
Opec cuts, but can it deliver?

Saudi Arabia calls off pump-and-dump strategy after agreeing oil cut deal; the deal is first OPEC cut in production since 2008; impact unlikely to be felt until January 2017 at the earliest; forecast on short-to-mid-term for oil still to be capped in low $50s/barrel.

What to expect from today’s Opec meeting in Vienna

Prior to the meeting there has been a feeling that this meeting was going to be irrelevant. No decision was expected, as no decision was required. But...

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What makes commodities a popular investment?

Has Brent Crude risen too fast, too soon?

We are seeing some renewed weakness hitting the oil markets and it really raises the question have we come too fast too soon?