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Zhomart Yertayev

Zhomart Yertayev

President of the Eurasian Center for Financial Consulting

Zhomart Yertayev (born on August 28, 1972) is the President of the Eurasian Center for Financial Consulting. Yertayev used to hold several managerial positions in Kazakhstan’s banking sector, including that of chairman of Alliance Bank, BTA Bank (Ukraine) and Eurasian Bank. During 5 years of his chairmanship in Alliance Bank, the bank turned into one of the backbone banks of Kazakhstan, becoming the country’s 5th bank by assets in 2007. He was later accused of illegal use of the bank’s funds and sentenced to 2 years in prison (conditionally) and a penalty.

Apart from his professional activities, Yertayev is also famous for his proactive attitude. He was among the initators of the idea of the necessity of state-private partnership in the banking sector in 2005.
Cypriot money turned out to be something totally different from what it seemed to be

Many believe that the fact the money kept with Cypriot banks has shrunk by 20% means that the 20% has reemerged somewhere else. That is not the case -- Zhomart Yertayev.