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Tanatkan Abakanov

Tanatkan Abakanov

Director of Kazakhstan Institute of Seismology

The Seismology Institute of Kazakhstan is the leading organization for basic and applied seismic research in Kazakhstan. It was established on 16 June 1976 and functions under the Ministry of Education as Science of Kazakhstan. The Institute currently has six research laboratories performing basic and applied research on major seismological issues; seismological Experimental Methodical Expedition (Someya) that carries out continuous monitoring of the instrumental seismic regime, geophysical fields, gas chemical composition of groundwater in south-east Kazakhstan; and a centre for analysis and prediction. It has an engineering-seismic service in Almaty. The service includes 15 points equipped with digital strong motion stations. The geathered information is used for reserach of seismic zoning issues.
Small shocks do not release tension before devastating earthquakes
The version that weak shocks decrease tension of the Earth's crust and lower the risk of a catastrophic earthquake was made up by laymen, Abakanov says.

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