Kazakhstan at Africa Eco Race

Kazakhstan at Africa Eco Race

Kazakhstan’s Astana has 2 racing crews: Shagirov-Moroz (M440, T2), Sazonov-Sakhimov (Bowler, T1)

This year, the SONANGOL AFRICA ECO RACE will be run in 11 stages with a real rest day by the Atlantic Ocean. The 5,796 km race will consist of 3,342 km of Special Sections - 1,762 km in Morocco and 1,580 km in Mauritania.

Kazakhstan’s Astana is represented 2 crews: pilot Kanat Shagirov and navigator Aleksander Moroz in the first crew on M440 (T2) and pilot Yuriy Sazonov and navigator Arslan Sakhimov on Bowler (T1) in the second crew.

Open to Bike, Quad, Car, SSV, Open/Score and Truck categories, the event creates an extraordinary craze.

With about one hundred vehicles in the competition, the Sonangol Africa Eco Race has seen a significant increase in the number of inscriptions, underlining the growing interest in this important African rally and the values it represents.

The Sonangol Africa Eco Race 2013 will be held from December 27th 2012 to January 9th 2013.
Astana won Africa Eco Race-2013 in T2 class

Kanat Shagirov and Aleksander Moroz driving MEBAR M440 won the Africa Eco Race-2013 race in T2 class, and were ranked 11th in their Auto category.

Kazakhstan at Africa Eco Race - stages 6-9

I have to say that Kazakhstan team made a very successfully debut at the Africa Eco Race 2013: it is represented by three crews. And we are very happy that Astana continues its way to the finish in Dakar -- Jean-Louis Schlesser.

Fourth and fifth stage of Africa Eco Race-2013

Kazakhstan's Astana team crews were successfully at both the fourth and fifth stages of the Africa Eco Race-2013.

Kazakhstan team at first 3 stages of Africa Eco Race

Overview of the performance of Kazakhstan team at first three stages of Africa Eco Race-2013.

Astana racers lack spare parts at Africa Eco Race

One of the crews of Kazakhstan’s Astana team was faced with some complications related to spare parts on December 28 one day before the start of one of the stages of Africa Eco Race.

Astana passed technical qualification at Africa Race

Kazakhstan’s Astana is represented by 3 maintenance vehicles and racing 3 crews: navigator Marat Abykayev and pilot Zhanat Zhalimbetov in the first crew, pilot Kanat Shagirov and navigator Aleksander Moroz in the second crew and pilot Yuriy Sazonov and navigator Arslan Sakhimov in the third crew.

Astana racers left for Sonangol Africa Eco Race - Interview

Besides up-to-date equipment, Kazakhstan cars have got experienced and skillful professionals. Sonangol Africa Eco Race is just as famous as Dakar race and has its own special route.

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