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An election is a formal decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold a public office. Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern representative democracy has operated since the 17th century. Elections may fill offices in the legislature, sometimes in the executive and judiciary, and for regional and local government. This process is also used in many other private and business organizations, from clubs to voluntary associations and corporations.
US Senate races to watch on November 6

About one-third of the US Senate's 100 seats are up for grabs on November 6. With 23 of those 33 seats being defended by Democrats, rival Republicans see a realistic -- albeit slim -- chance of gaining four seats and seizing control of the chamber. Here are six races to watch on election day:

- Incumbent Scott Brown (R) vs Elizabeth Warren (D),

- Incumbent Claire McCaskill (D) vs Todd Akin (R),

- Incumbent Jon Tester (D) vs Denny Rehberg (R),

- Incumbent Sherrod Brown (D) vs Josh Mandel (R),

- George Allen (R) vs Tim Kaine (D),

- Tammy Baldwin (D) vs Tommy Thompson (R).



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