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Kazakhstan Chronos

Kazakhstan Chronos

Timelines of various important Kazakhstan events.

Timelines of various important Kazakhstan events. The section covers natural disasters, wars, unrests, dramatic crimes, resque operatoins, political developmnets, climate and environmnet changes, financial markets swings and other important events.
Most expensive cars in Kazakhstan

Tengrinews has made a list of the most expensive cars in Kazakhstan based on the data available at the county's largest car trader website Kolesa.kz. The list includes only the cars that have been custom-cleared in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan sport: Highlights of 2013

Key achievements of Kazakhstan athletes in the year of 2013.

Plutonium Mountain: Inside the 17-Year Mission to Secure a Legacy of Soviet Nuclear Testing

On the desolate steppe of eastern Kazakhstan, the Soviet Union carried out 456 nuclear explosive tests during the Cold War at the Semipalatinsk Test Site, which sprawls over an area approximately the size of Belgium. Of these, the Soviet Union performed 116 tests in the atmosphere, and 340 underground.

Kazakhstan women sucessful in traditionally men's work

Tengrinews.kz has interviewed Kazakhstan women who are successfully performing hard and traditionally men’s work.

Year 2012. Major events in Kazakhstan

Milestone events of the year 2012 in Kazakhstan.

Pictures of victims of AN-72 crash near Shymkent

The AN-72 military plane of the Border Control Service of Kazakhstan National Security Commission crashed at 06:55 p.m. on December 25, 20km from Shymkent airport. The plane had 7 crew members and 20 militarymen onboard.

TOP 15 influential Islamic leaders

A poll was held among residents of 40 countries prior to the Istanbul World Political Forum. The list was published in the blog of the chairman of Salamworld Corp. and chairman of the public sector of Russia’s Muftis Council Abdul-Vahed Niyazov. Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev was ranked the 6th in the list of most influential leaders in the Islamic world.

Brands that made Kazakhstan image

Every country has its own image factors, its face. This face is made of a range of recognizable brands, both positive and negative. What are the events, persons and goods that make the image of Kazakhstan?

Most influential politicians of Kazakhstan

List of weightyest representatives of higher managerial elite of Kazakhstan.

Top 10 most popular sports events of 2011

Tengrinews.kz summarized the main sports events of 2011 and made a top 10 list.

Most awaited events of 2012

Tengrinews.kz made a list of most awaited events of 2012.